BVBeeks & Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab Bee School Registration

Adult Registration ($50 single): 

-or- Adult Registration ($80 couple): 

Youth / Children Registration ($15 each) - be sure to modify the quantity in the cart for the # of youth attending.  Note that this is for kids accompanying an adult also registered for the school.

NOTE: PayPal used to have a field where you could give us 'extra information", but it seems they have removed it.   Therefore, it is VERY important that if you are registering more than 1 person that you fill out THIS FORM which will send an email to and give us the First & Last name of every other person included in this registration.

Lunch Preferences: We had to turn in our lunch count by noon on Wednesday, Sept 20.  Therefore, any registrations after that date/time are not guaranteed a lunch.

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