Joining BVBeeks

While actually joining the Brazos Valley Beekeepers is not a requirement for attending the meetings with the monthly educational programs, there are some benefits that come with a club membership:

  • Voting privileges.
    Our officer elections are held at the December meeting / Christmas party every year.  A club membership gives you a vote in deciding who will run the club.  In addition, we do occasionally have things to bring to the club requiring a vote from the entire club.
  • Being eligible to be a club officer.
    Yes, I know - we usually have to twist arms to get people to agree to be on the Board of Directors.  But there is a sense of "ownership" when your voice is helping to direct the club.
  • Use of the club equipment (such as the extractor).

Memberships in the club cost $25 per family per year ("year" runs Jan 1 through Dec 31).   If you are a NEW member and are joining after July 1, you can elect to pay $37.50 which will cover both the remainder of the current year as well as all of the next year.    Joining the club requires 2 things: filling out the Membership Application & paying the dues.  You may bring the application form & dues to a club meeting or you can fill out the form below and pay via PayPal.  

Membership year runs from January 1 to December 31
Annual Dues: $25 / year

NEW Members who join after July 1 can pay either $25 for the current year, or $37.50 which will cover the remainder of the current plus the full next year.

The club membership list is (will be) provided on the club website – but is available ONLY to other club members. By default, all club members are listed unless you express a desire to be removed.
Do you want to be listed on the membership list?

By hitting Send and paying the membership fee, you agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association.